Date Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th January 2011
Start Location Harlaw Visitor Car Park
Weather Saturday: Windy and Driving Rain
Sunday: Windy, blue skies and sunny intervals
Distance Saturday: 16.09km
Sunday: 17.54km
Time Taken Saturday: 1 Hour 56 minutes
Sunday: 2 Hours
Ascent Saturday: 254 metres
Sunday: 542 metres
Accompanied by Saturday: Emma, Milo and Inca
Sunday: Graham and Milo
Peaks Climbed Scald Law East Kip West Kip

Graham running on the top of West Kip. The weather was much better on the Sunday.


The weather forecast was a mixed bag affair for the weekend. Both days were going to be windy and on Saturday there would be heavy rain. In preparation for the Montane 50 in July I had decided to undertake lots of ‘back to back’ long runs at the weekends, slowly building up to two marathons consequtively about three weeks before the race. Last weekend I had done my first of these sessions but due to deep snow in Blairadam Forest, I was unable to put in the planned mileage. With milder weather during the week, all of the snow had disappeared so it was ‘Game On!’

Saturday was a ten mile run starting from the Ranger Centre at Harlaw. We had both of the dogs with us and the plan was to let Milo run free if there was not many sheep around. We set off and headed up the path to the Ranger Centre and then into the wooded area at the head of Harlaw Reservoir. From here the plan was to climb the stile in the wall and run down to Black Springs and then skirt around the side of Threipmuir Reservoir to the Weir and then follow the path to Redford Wood. Inca takes stiles in her stride but Milo is a little hesitant so I thought there would have to be a little persuasion to get him over. You can imagine our surprise when he promptly vaulted the entire wall. He had obviously seen/smelt the sheep in the pen across the field. Fortunately there was a fence seperating the sheep and the worse he could do was bark.

We put Milo back on the line and waist belt and headed down to the side of the Reservoir. The wind was driving the rain practically horizontal but we had no issues and headed through the wooded area to the Weir and the Ford. The wind was now full on in our face now and I was glad when we eventually managed to gain some refuge in Redford Wood. From here we crossed Redford Bridge and headed up the steep road towards Bavelaw. There is a winding track at the side of the road and with Emma and Inca at the front, Milo and I followed up behind. Once at the top we took a left turn and headed onto the open fellside towards Green Cleugh. The path twisted and turned here and it was great to run along. We headed past the waterfall and crossed the bridge at The Howe. From here we followed the road down the side of Loganlea Reservoir past Logan House and then along the side of Glencorse Reservoir.

Shortly before Kirk Bridge we took a left and headed up the path to Maiden’s Cleugh. The path climbs 120 metres over 1.51km. Last time I ran up here, I buckled near the top so I was determined to make amends this time round. With a little help from Milo pulling on the harness, I manage to get to the top with no difficulties and fair play to Emma who also ran straight up. From the top there was a nice drop back down past the disused, Malleny Rifle Range and back to the Car Park at the Visitor Centre. Great run in gruesome conditions.

Click to view Timings and Charts for Saturday
Time Distance Split Time Split Distance Split Pace Pace Chg. Pace vs avg. Elev chg.
0:07:17 1.00 7:17 1.00 7:17 +0:04.13 +11
0:15:02 2.00 7:45 1.00 7:46 +0:28.73 +0:32.86 -5
0:22:02 3.00 6:59 1.00 6:59 -0:46.39 -0:13.52 -4
0:29:03 4.00 7:01 1.00 7:01 +0:01.67 -0:11.86 +10
0:36:05 5.00 7:02 1.00 7:02 +0:01.20 -0:10.66 +11
0:44:06 6.00 8:00 1.00 8:00 +0:57.91 +0:47.26 +53
0:50:54 7.00 6:48 1.00 6:48 -1:12.10 -0:24.84 -4
0:58:10 8.00 7:15 1.00 7:16 +0:27.48 +0:02.63 -32
1:05:19 9.00 7:09 1.00 7:10 -0:05.96 -0:03.33 -16
1:12:03 10.00 6:44 1.00 6:44 -0:25.59 -0:28.92 -29
1:19:20 11.00 7:17 1.00 7:17 +0:32.97 +0:04.05 -17
1:26:33 12.00 7:12 1.00 7:12 -0:04.74 -0:00.69 +16
1:34:56 13.00 8:22 1.00 8:23 +1:10.59 +1:09.90 +73
1:42:25 14.00 7:29 1.00 7:30 -0:53.40 +0:16.50 -14
1:49:01 15.00 6:36 1.00 6:36 -0:53.33 -0:36.83 -38
1:55:35 16.00 6:33 1.00 6:34 -0:02.67 -0:39.50 -17
1:56:09 16.09 0:33 0.09 5:57 -0:36.40 -1:15.90 0

Zone Avg. HR Distance Time Percent
Zone 1 114 (61%) 1.41 km 10:00 8.6 %
Zone 2 130 (69%) 12.29 km 1:27:27 75.3 %
Zone 3 145 (77%) 2.39 km 18:42 16.1 %
Zone 4 0.00 km 0:00 0.0 %
Zone 5 0.00 km 0:00 0.0 %
Total 131 (70%) 16.09 km 1:56:09 100.0 %

Pentlands Loop 15-01-2011, Elevation - Distance

Pentlands Loop 15-01-2011, Elev. chg. - Zone

Pentlands Loop 15-01-2011, Grade - Distance

Pentlands Loop 15-01-2011, Distance - Zone

Pentlands Loop 15-01-2011 Satellite View

Pentlands Route (Saturday 15-01-2011)

Pentlands Profile (Saturday 15-01-2011)


Although it was still windy as I crossed the Forth road bridge at 8:30am, the good news was that the Pentland Hills were clear of cloud. In fact there was plenty of blue sky about so todays run had plenty of potential. I was meeting Graham (from work, not Teacher Graham from Perth) at 9am and the idea was to pretty run the same route as yesterday but take in West Kip, East Kip and Scald Law. One dog is enough on the harness and with sheep in abundance there was no way I could let Milo run free so Inca went for a run in Loch Awe Meadows with Emma instead. Graham was already at the car park when I arrived and after a brief chat, we were off up the side of Harlaw Reservoir towards Redford Wood. The wind was full on but we had set off at a decent pace and we put in a 5:40 minute kilometre at km 2. Ok, not that fast but in the context of a long, slow Sunday run it certainly was a little quicker than I wanted. The climb up towards Bavelaw soon slowed us down and after a brief stop at the top, we were heading up ‘Red Road’ towards West Kip. Although the path climbs a good 230 metres, I ran steadily only stopping to walk on the final push to the summit.

West Kip is my favourite hill in the Pentlands and the views did not disappoint. Although it was really windy, the air clarity was really good and the Ochills and the Firth of Forth could clearly be seen. We headed off the summit and up the grassy bank to East Kip. Descending any hill with Milo attached to you is not the easiest of tasks but I managed to survive without losing my footing and within a few minutes we were at the top and ready to head down to the col between Scald Law and East Kip. After a couple of slips, I decided to unattach Milo from the ‘Line’ and just hold it instead. That way I could always let go if he pulled too much. We got to the bottom unscathed and pushed up to the summit of Scald Law. The approach is reasonably steep and I ran about three quarters before stopping and walking to the summit.

The descent from Scald Law to The Howe is 310 metres and I decided to risk the chance of Milo ‘getting involved’ with some sheep and letting him run free. A few months back Milo had pulled Scott over coming down from the same route and I was not keen to suffer the same consequences.

Graham descends from the summit of Scald Law

At the bottom, I re-attached Milo to the waist belt and we continued on towards Loganlea Reservoir. The remainder of the run would follow the same route as yesterday with the one remaining climb up Maiden’s Cleugh remaining. With a little assistance from Milo, there were no problems on the ascent and after a brief rest at the top, we were soon heading down the other side back to the car. I had ran just 33km over the two days with a total height gain of 795 metres and when I arrived at the car I was felt suprisingly pretty good. :)

Click to view Timings and Charts for Sunday
Time Distance Split Time Split Distance Split Pace Pace Chg. Pace vs avg. Elev chg.

Zone Avg. HR Distance Time Percent
Zone 1116 (62%)0.96 km6:465.6 %
Zone 2129 (69%)9.00 km59:3249.4 %
Zone 3149 (79%)5.80 km39:2932.8 %
Zone 4164 (87%)1.78 km14:3912.2 %
Zone 50.00 km0:000.0 %
Total 139 (74%) 17.54 km 2:00:26 100.0 %

East, West Kip and Scald Law Loop 16-01-2011, Elevation - Distance

East, West Kip and Scald Law Loop 16-01-2011, Elev. chg. - Zone

East, West Kip and Scald Law Loop 16-01-2011, Grade - Distance

East, West Kip and Scald Law Loop 16-01-2011, Distance - Zone

East, West Kip and Scald Law Loop 16-01-2011 Satellite View

Pentlands Route (Sunday 16-01-2011)

Pentlands Profile (Sunday 16-01-2011)

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