Date Sunday 28th November 2010 Location Map
Start Location Car park off A985
Weather Cold with snow showers
Distance 11.2km
Time Taken 1 hour 15 minutes
Ascent 97 metres
Accompanied by Emma, Milo and Inca

Inca leads the way

With a decent amount of snow overnight, our planned outing to the Pentlands was postponed in favour of a trip to Devilla Forest  instead. Emma’s training plan had a seven mile run pencilled in so we decided to use the Garmin watch and take a nice easy run along the tracks at Devilla. We set off early whilst it was still dark and although the roads where a little slushy we arrived at the parking area with no mishaps just as daylight was breaking. Inca’s new running harness had arrived so we were looking forward to running with both dogs connected up to our waist belts.

It was really chilly when we parked up so we did not waste any time getting going. The good news was that the snow was only an inch or so deep and made for great running conditions. We headed up from car park towards Sawhill Plantation and then turned left and followed the path over Culross Moor. The dogs seemed keen to run and pulled us along at a nice steady pace. We must have been the first people out because there were no footprints in the snow. Our plan was to make our way towards Peppermill Dam but we did not have a map and with minimal signs around the forest it was going to be a little hit and miss.

We headed north towards Keir Plantation and then west toward Moor Loch. The Loch was frozen over and looked amazing as it came into view from the forest. We headed around the loch and the intention was then to go north but for some reason we took a wrong turning and ended up on a busy main road. I was convinced we were north near the Dam but when we uploaded the GPS data later on, we had actually come out south on the A985. We made a ‘u-turn’ and then turned left arriving in a village (it was Kincardine). At this stage we decided to get Emma’s iPhone out and check google maps. Realising our errors we headed east and then back up to Kier Plantation and then back past the Sawmill and to the car. Just over 11km, perfect!

Devilla Forest Route

Devilla Forest Route Profile

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