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Originally written to log my progress as I attempt to climb all the Scottish Munro’s, it has now been extended to include information about some of the Ultra Races I have recently been competing in. If you have any questions then please feel free to contact me using the email button at the bottom of the page otherwise please enjoy.

My next race - White Rose Ultra
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Migrating all the posts from my old site

If you have visited the site before you will no doubt notice that there has been some significant changes since last time you were here. Recently, I have given the site a full service and I hope you will like the new format.

Over the next few months I will be focusing on getting the site up to date. There are a number races and great days out in the mountains that I have not blogged about yet. In fact, I have written much over the last couple of years. The old site was so awkward to maintain, I just lost all enthusiasm to do anything with it.

Whilst the new site will enable me to post content easily there is the awkward task of migrating the hundred or so pages from my old site to this. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to do this and it takes a good hour to convert just one page.

Rather than get bogged down in this tedium I have decided to gradually move them over one by one, focusing on the pages that are visited the most. The good news is that I have configured the site so that all pages will be available to view but any the ones that have not yet been migrated will be shown in the old format.

Consider it a work in progress!